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   Source ID   Title, Author 
1 S001690
2 S001692 Armstrong Grove Cemetery, Emmet County, Iowa
3 S177568 Ashford Parish Register
4 S001695 Barraclough Branches (Family Tree Maker)
5 S001699 Brant Gibbard
6 S001701 Carrie Elizabeth Cronk.FTW
7 S001704 Cataraqui Burial Register Vol. 1 (1853-1875)
8 S001711 Church Register, Waterloo Circuit, Wesleyan Methodist-United Church (United Church Archives, Victoria College, Toronto, ON, Can
9 S001718 Cronk.FTW
10 S001724 Descendants of John Smith.FTW
11 S001736 Family Bible of Theresia Vera Hatch/Wilbur Franks
12 S045220 Family History Center
13 S001850 (
14 S001742 Genesee County Clerk office
15 S138632 Jackson Genealogy complied by R. Robert Mutrie
R. Robert Mutrie 
16 S001751 JBatzloff.GED
17 S001754 Kingston City m. 1858-1869-vol. 16
18 S001757 Lapeer County Records
19 S001760 Liljengren2002.FTW
20 S088911 Makin - My Family Tree by William Earl Ronald Makin
21 S172934 Michigan State Archives
22 S001768 My Family Tree Compilation
23 S001771 Oakland County Death Records
24 S001795 Records
Love, Kellie M. 
25 S088954 Richard Ferguson (Loyalist Spy)
Rae Marie Campbell, U.E. 
26 S001815 Sandi Sullivan
27 S001817 Shirley Laing
28 S001819 Smith.FTW
29 S089874 The Seven Bogert - Bogart Families in Canada
30 S001727 The Shipman Family of Leeds County, Ontario
31 S001821 Thompson Family Photograph
32 S001824 victoriacronk.FTW
33 S001833 Wilma Evans <